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Museoeurope The reminescences of the European heritage are based on cunning, abduction and rape, "committed" by the desire of Greek gods. Medieval Europe takes us on a journey into the world of knighthood, courtliness and the development of manners, the kiss of peace, devotion and love, and above faith and hope. Renaissance Europe originates from the beauty of the spirit and sensuality, the Enlightenment descends from reason, while the times of the Bourgeoisie and the Modern Age stem from the ideals of equality, freedom and solidarity.
The project Museoeurope symbolically refers to the Renaissance saying about the "knowledge that revives what is dying", and "art which brings back into light what has descended into darkness". The project is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experiences, knowledge and heritage, which unfolds the different faces of Europe.
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13. 10. - 15. 10. 2016museoeurope 2016

Europe in the Time of Franz Liszt

Museoeurope 2016 will be held in order to honour the 170th anniversary of a performance in the Knight's Hall of the Maribor castle which was held by the musical virtuoso Franz Liszt. We are also preparing an extensive exhibition about the musical life in Styria in the 19th century and a symposium which will be devoted to the musical virtuoso Franz Liszt within the scope of the project.

Franz Liszt, the Small European Tour, June 2016 – April 2017. Regional Museum Maribor.

The Exhibition

Franz Liszt, the Small European Tour

The exhibition Franz Liszt, the Small European Tour will emphasise the atrist's tour in the year of 1846, when he performed in the cities of Graz, Maribor, Rogaška Slatina, and Zagreb. The exhibition will present the extensive collection of musical instruments of the Regional Museum Maribor for the first time. The exhibition will also be supplemented by objects which will be provided by guest institutions. We will present topics which are connected to the cultural history of Styria with the thematic priority concerning the development and creation of music in Styria.

Kelei, Bust of Franz Liszt, stone, 1936. Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre, Budapest.



The Regional Museum Maribor is inviting you to take part at the international symposium entitled Europe in the Time of Franz Liszt. The symposium will be held in honour of the 170th anniversary of Franz Liszt's performance in the Knight's Hall of the Maribor castle and will take place from 13th - 15th of October 2016 in Maribor.

We are expecting that the papers, which are to be presented at the symposium, will address the cultural life of the 19th century. This era was characterised by theatre and music, the upraise of the media and contemporary marketing, urbanization, discoveries of unknown lands, industrial and technological progress, and the world of women, men and child prodigies in art. The papers will be divided into the following four groups:
1. Art and Gender (the role of men, women and children in art)
2. Creative Spaces (home, studio, halls)
3. City and Art (music, dance, and theatre in the role of catalysts of social life)
4. Media and Art (advertising and marketing during the times of the 19th century and the present)

We invite historians, art historians, musicologists, architects, sociologists, and etc. to take part.

Additional information can be acquired at the following email address: or the telephone number: +386 (0)2 228 35 51.